My Favorite Travel Necessities

We all know how much fun planning and going on your next adventure can be, but I still love some comforts of home when I travel. I’ve rounded up some of the top things that always make it into my suitcase when I’m traveling. Whether you’re going on a weekend get away or a week long trip across the pond, be sure to check out my must haves in your suitcase!

Carry on Suitcase

I always get questions on my suitcase. I wanted to make sure that I got a suitcase that would fit in the overhead bins inside a plane. We travel by plane a lot for weekend trips and checking luggage is a hassle. I found this one on amazon and love it. Everyone on Instagram always asks where I got it and what brand it is so I will link it here. I have the pink one!

Sun Bum Sunblock

I don’t leave my house without putting on sunscreen and you shouldn’t either! I always look for a natural, yet cost effective sunscreen. I am loving SunBum sunblock right now. Not only is it natural and works great, it also smells amazing. It doesn’t smell like normal sunscreen, it smells like a tropical vacation at the beach. I bought the three-pack that includes this cute bag that is perfect to put your wet swim suit in while you’re packing to head home. It also includes lip balm that has SPF to protect your lips from sun burn too!

Venus Travel Sized Razor

I love this travel sized razor. It comes in the perfect compact case so that the razor doesn’t snag on anything in your toiletries bag. You can also get away with taking this through security because it’s so compact and has a case.

Vera Bradley Travel Blanket

I don’t ever leave home without this Vera Bradley throw. It is my absolute must have out of this entire list. I am always freezing in hotel rooms and airbnb’s so I always bring an extra blanket. It’s fleece so it’s the perfect comfy blanket to add to any hotel bed.

What items can you not travel without? Let me know below in the comments! Happy traveling!

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