White River Forest Camping Experience

We love hiking and exploring the outdoors, so when we moved to Colorado I was most excited for the camping. I started researching the best places to camp right away! I knew I wanted a remote, no cell service, hike-in experience so I started researching camping in the mountains. If you’re looking for a great location to camp in Colorado with no cell service and a lot of trees, this post is for you!

Hiking into the Campsite

After our 2 hour drive into the mountains from Denver, we parked our car in the National Forest parking lot and started loading up our backpacks for the 2 mile hike to the campground. The hike was mostly uphill as the campsite was further into the mountains but the views were incredible. The White River runs directly next to you as you make your climb and the views distract you from the 50 pounds of food, cooking utensils and tent on your back. One tip when camping in the mountains is you have to be ultra aware of your surroundings at all times. There are bears, rattle snakes and mountain lions that can smell anything from the food on your back to the soap or lotion you used before you hit the trail. I recommend a soap and deodorant that doesn’t have a scent. You can find my favorite brand of non-scented soap here.

Setting up our Campsite

Once we made it to our campsite, we started assembling our tent. When I posted this tent picture on Instagram I got a lot of questions about our tent. We have a smaller, 4 person tent because it’s easier for us to carry when we hike in. You can find our tent here. We got our fire going and started to make dinner and s’mores, of course! We nestled into our tent for an evening filled with laughs and the noises of the forest. It’s so relaxing to fall asleep to the sound of nature.

Kayaking on Lake Dillon

We woke up early the next morning to rain hitting the outside of our tent. Luckily, are tent is super sturdy so no rain was coming inside. We packed up our campsite and headed back to our car. We drove down to the lake and rented kayaks. The Fresno Marina was super nice and helpful through the rental process. We got into our kayaks and started exploring the reservoir. It was a crisp morning with a clear sky so we could see the beautiful mountains as we kayaked along the lake. Since we went early in the morning the water was smooth and crystal clear. I can’t recommend this kayaking experience enough and I found a new love for kayaking, I am hoping for a kayak for my birthday!

Hiking in the Mountains

After kayaking we decided to hit the trails before heading back to Denver! We took a chairlift up the mountain before hiking the way down. We saw mountain bikers and mountain bike tours heading down the mountain which is on our bucket list for the next time we’re in Dillon! The hike down was easy and relaxing, taking in the views and fresh air. And, yes we saw a lot of snow. It’s still pretty cold up there on top of the mountains and when they’re in a big pile like that, it tends to stay frozen.

We have two more camping trips planned this summer and I can’t wait to share those with you too. Tell me where your favorite place to camp in Colorado is below in the comments! Happy camping!

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