5 Summer Date Night Ideas Around Denver!

We LOVE date night and prioritize one date night every week! I know it might sound crazy to a lot of people but we are huge Rachel and Dave Hollis fans and they recommended it on their Rise Together podcast. Phil and I are committed to having an exceptional relationship and part of the includes prioritizing spending time together outside of our condo!

We both work full time and have demanding jobs so we started setting aside time one evening during the week for a date night. We picked Wednesday nights and I look forward to Wednesday evening every week! It really helps me get through Monday and Tuesday at work. Sometimes it’s something as simple as a $5 movie date at our local movie theater, and other times we explore hip new restaurants or ice cream shops in Denver!

If you’re in Denver and looking for a few new date night ideas or if you’re visiting Denver soon, I’ve rounded up our 5 favorite date night spots in the city!

Avanti Food & Beverage | A Collective Eatery

One of my favorite type of restaurants for a large group of friends getting together is a collective eatery. Sometimes it can be hard to all agree on one restaurant with everyone’s different likes and dislikes. Avanti Food & Beverage is the perfect mix of different food styles and fun drinks. If you haven’t been to a collective eatery before, it reminds me of a cafeteria but nicer. Different restaurants have little windows throughout the entire building. Everyone can order from a different restaurant and then sit together!

I have received a ton of messages about that pink drink in the photo, it’s a prickly pear margarita. I LOVE margaritas and couldn’t wait to try it after it came highly recommended from a friend. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and refreshing on a warm summer evening. There are two bars at Avanti, one on the roof and one on the main floor. Both have a great beverage selection.

Phil and I love to go to Avanti for date night and both order from a few different restaurants and then try a little bit of everything! Grab your food and a drink and head to the roof. There are great rooftop tables and amazing views of Denver.

Larimer Square | Denver’s Most Historic Block

If you’re on a budget, like us, I love finding date night ideas that cost us $0. Larimer Square in Denver is one of those date nights that can literally cost you nothing. We love finding fun neighborhoods around us and just walk around. Not only do you get out of the house and get your steps, but you also find so much beauty by just looking around you.

Larimer Square was one of the first neighborhoods in Denver so the architecture is beautiful. Take some time and just walk around to look at all the buildings, if you’re a cat lover see if you spot any of the hidden cats! The square is most known for it’s canopy of string lights and I have to agree, it makes for a great photo op.

If you have a date night budget like we do, grab a beer while you’re in Larimer Square. There are a bunch of restaurants and boutiques along the strip that are worth checking out!

The 1 Up Arcade Bar | LoDo

This is one of our (Phil’s) favorites! I mean it’s like a grown up Dave & Busters. If you haven’t checked out The 1 Up Arcade Bar yet, you need to schedule a date night here ASAP. I recommend the LoDo location, it’s the most convenient in my opinion.

The arcade is downstairs and full of old arcade games. Packman, pinball machines, Zelda, ski ball and more! When we walked in they had Harry Potter on the TV so they play great movies and retro TV shows while you play too. The 1 Up has a great drink selection and food selection, their wings are to die for! I’d recommend this for a quick date night, you can stay here a long time but it’s nice for a weeknight date night. Oh, and most of the games are only $.25 so bring your quarters!

The Denver Mart Drive-In Movie Theater

Nothing screams summer quite like a drive-in movie theater! I love drive-ins. There is something so fun about watching a movie outside in the trunk of your car. We saw Toy Story 4 and The Lion King at the Mart Drive-In this summer.

We attempted to make the trunk of our car a little more comfortable by filling it with pillows and blankets. You can bring your own food and drink in as well so we brought in a bottle of champagne and sipped it through the double feature. A lot of fun and cheaper than going to the movie theater if you bring in your own food and drink!

Denver Museum of Nature & Science

If you’re a nerd like us, you’ll love the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. It’s a great museum full of exhibits that are fun to walk around and explore if you love science! We went recently on members only night and they opened up their archives. We are major dinosaur nerds and got to see them uncovering dinosaur fossils, it was awesome.

Open all the time is the Prehistoric Journey exhibit, which is my favorite exhibit of them all. It’s very interactive and you get to see all the phases of Earth’s progressions. It’s a date night to wonder around and explore all the exhibits.

Do you go on a date once a week with your partner? Where should we go for date night next around Denver?!

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