Snowmass Hot Air Balloon Festival- 4 reasons to attend!


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When I started creating Septembers list of fun events happening in Colorado for my email subscribers, I came across the 44th Annual Snowmass Hot Air Balloon Festival.  I knew instantly that I wanted to attend. I love hot air balloons and being able to see over 50 balloons take off in the mountains sounded amazing!

What exactly IS the Snowmass Hot Air Balloon Festival? Here’s your answer: About 50 hot air balloons take flight in the mountains early in the morning. But that’s just the beginning.

Keep reading for 4 reasons you need to attend the Snowmass Hot Air Balloon Festival!

Reason #1: A unique fall experience


People are always looking for the new and different, myself included! What could be more unique than attending a hot air balloon festival in the mountains? Bundle up, grab your friends, and head outside! Don’t forget to take some pics for Instagram 🙂 So many fun photo opps.

Reason #2: Admire the balloons 


We spent so much time just staring at the balloons and the art that is on them, people are so creative! The pilots also get to name their balloons and the names they come up with are so fun. I was obsessed with the balloon that had the design of the Colorado flag on it. How fun is that?

Reason #3: Volunteer to launch a balloon! 

One of the coolest things we did at the Snowmass Balloon Festival was volunteer to help launch a balloon into the air! We were paired up with a family who is in the hot air balloon business and travels to different hot air balloon festivals all over the country launching their balloon. They are from Colorado and have the awesome Colorado flag hot air balloon.

Not only was the family super nice and welcoming, they taught us so much that we would have never learned by just attending the hot air balloon festival as a spectator. We got to see first hand just how much work goes into launching, flying and landing a hot air balloon. It was fun to get in there and get our hands dirty.

Reason #4: See the sunrise over the mountains 


The balloon festival happens in the morning, about 7AM and the best part about being up this early on Sunday morning, is being able to watch the sunrise over the mountains. It’s beautiful and in September it’s a crisp morning so bundle up! Breath in that fresh air and enjoy the spectacular views.

The Snowmass Hot Air Balloon festival usually runs Friday-Sunday each year, one weekend in September. Keep your eye out for next year’s event – you won’t want to miss it! Click here for more info.

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