2 Day Nashville Itinerary

I can’t wait to share my Nashville itinerary with you! The City of Music has been on my bucket list for ages and I was so excited to fly here for the weekend. Not only is the music scene great but the food and drink scene is amazing!


Eat donuts at Five Daughters Bakery

I’m convinced that donuts are my love language! I love them so much and what’s even better than their donuts is Five Daughters Bakery branding. I’m a marketer by day so I love when small a family owned company has amazing brand presence.

There are a few different locations throughout Nashville, I would recommend the 12 South location as there is plenty of parking. The bakery’s theme is teal and pink so it makes for the perfect photo opportunities. I’m a sprinkles gal so I tried the chocolate ganache dipped in sprinkles and it was incredible. The donut dough is soft and has a lot of flavor. They have a great variety of flavors and vegan options to!

Explore the Broadway Strip

After a little sugar rush, head to the Broadway strip! This is where all the fun and lively music is. Every bar has live music almost all day and they leave all their doors and windows open so the live music pours out onto Broadway. Walk around and explore the different bars and restaurants. There are so many of them and it’s so fun to head inside and do a little two-step.

Don’t forget to go into the shops on Broadway too! There are cute boutiques, museums and even record stores. The record stores were my favorite, it was the coolest experience to thumb through the old records and find the hidden gems.

Catch a show at the Grand Ole Opery


Can you go to Nashville without catching some live music? We went to a Grand Ole Opery show and it was a great experience. There is so much history at the Grand Ole Opery that just walking around and exploring the property is fun, but if you can check out a show. The live music is so fun and  they do a great job of keeping everyone entertained throughout the night.

Get a late night snack at The Diner


We went to The Diner almost every night we were in Nashville. The Diner is on the main drag right by all the bars and restaurants so it was the perfect stop for those late night munchies.  I tried the hot chicken and waffles, and then I had it again night 2. Oh, and did I mention The Diner is open all night?!

Hot chicken was one of my favorite Nashville discoveries! I am not a spicy food lover, but hot chicken is a different kind of heat. It’s heat but with flavor vs. just the burn. Hot chicken is on the menu everywhere in Nashville, be sure to try it!


Grab breakfast at Biscuit Love

On day two, head down to The Gulch. It’s a cute little neighborhood in Nashville that you won’t want to  miss. Your first stop in the Gulch should be Biscuit Love ! If I can recommend one restaurant this entire itinerary, Biscuit Love is it.  The food here is incredible, but get here early! The line is always out the door and up the block, we got there about 7AM and there was a line but it had not started to go outside yet. By the time we left around 8am, the line was out the door, around the corner, and up the block. That’s how good it is, locals flock here and tourists love it.

You guessed it, Biscuit Love is all about the biscuits. Almost all of the items on their menu incorporate biscuits somehow, biscuit sandwiches,  biscuit on the side, little biscuits and extra large biscuits! I tried the hot chicken biscuit sandwich, I’m not lying when I say I ate all the hot chicken I could. Like everything on their menu, it was fantastic.

Explore the Gulch


There is so much to do and see at the Gulch, it’s the cutest neighborhood in Nashville filled with shopping, pressed juice, restaurants, coffee houses, and murals. You all know I love a good photo opp so bring your cameras and find the wings! The wings are probably the most popular spot to take your photo in Nashville. There was a little bit of a line around the block for this photo opp but it’s worth it and the line moves quick. Get here early if you don’t want to wait in line! The line to wait for this photo opp is in full sun the entire time so bring plenty of water and sunscreen.

Another fun thing to do in the Gulch is scooter around! There are so many scooters around Nashville but scooting around the Gulch is the best because the sidewalks are large and the roads are less busy. Hop on a scooter and explore around the neighborhood!

Drive out to take the Jack Daniels Distillery Tour

The Jack Daniel’s Distillery is a little outside of Nashville, but so worth it if you have the time. I’m not a huge whiskey fan but the tasting and distillery tour was still so fun because you learn a lot about whiskey and the history of Jack Daniel. Included in the tour is a whiskey tasting and I have to admit, I might have become a whiskey fan after that tasting! My favorite was the honey infused whiskey, it was on the sweeter side and super delicious!

The tour walks you around the entire property and you learn the history of whiskey and how it’s made. I had no idea how much work and labor goes into making whiskey so it was fun to watch the burning process. It’s a little bit of a drive to Lynchburg, Tennessee for the tour but worth it!

I hope the Music City is on your bucket list and you get to head there soon to explore! Happy traveling!

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