Denver’s Oktoberfest- 4 reasons to attend!

I’m a true believer in getting out there and exploring your own state! There is always some kind of festival, fair or show happening, you just have to do a little research to find it! If you’re in Colorado, I do that research for you in my monthly email newsletter that goes out at the end of every month. Every month I research fun and exciting events that will be happening all across Colorado and send them straight to your inbox! If you’re in Colorado and looking for new events, make sure to sign up. Octobers list of events will be going out TODAY (end of September)!

When I started creating Septembers list of fun events happening in Colorado for my email subscribers, I came across The Denver Oktoberfest! I knew instantly that we would want to attend. Phillip double majored in German so he loves all things Oktoberfest and has even attended the real Oktoberfest in Munich! Attending the Munich Oktoberfest in Germany together is on out bucket list. But, for now, Denver’s Oktoberfest had to do.

What exactly IS the Denver Oktoberfest? Here’s your answer: Hundreds of people gather in downtown Denver to drink German beer, eat brats, and celebrate Oktoberfest. But that’s just the beginning.

Keep reading for 4 reasons you need to attend the Denver Oktoberfest!

Reason #1: Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Denver Oktoberfest


Celebrate 50 years of the Denver Oktoberfest! Wow-that is a lot of years for a city to be having an Oktoberfest. It was so fun to walk down the middle of the streets of Denver and look at all the different booths of food, drink vendors, and artists. There were so many shirts, hats and steins all celebrating 50 years of Denver Oktoberfest.

Reason #2: Unique Fall Experience


People are always looking for the new and different, myself included! What could be more unique than dressing up and attending an Oktoberfest in the middle of the city?  Dress up, grab your stein and head downtown. Don’t forget to take some pics for Instagram 🙂 So many fun photo opps.

Reason #3: Trying all the different Oktoberfest brews from local breweries


There were over 5 breweries at Denver Oktoberfest with their version of the Oktoberfest brew. Oktoberfest beer is one of my favorites so it was so fun to try the different versions that the breweries come up with. Grab your stein and have a little sample of each one before you decide which one you want a whole pint of.

Reason #4: Fun games & activities!

Have you ever heard of Keg Bowling before? Me either, but it was so fun! Not only is the food and beer good at Oktoberfest but they also have a ton of activities happening throughout the day. We played keg bowling, made pretzel necklaces, watched the stein holding contest and went to hangout in the beer tent. There was so much to do and see that it kept us entertained all day!

The Denver Oktoberfest runs two weekends every year in September. Keep your eye out for next years dates and time- you won’t want to miss it! Click here for more info about the event.  

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