Things to do in Fort Collins, CO

With the cooler days of fall upon us, I took a short drive from Denver (1 hour) up to Fort Collins this weekend for a day trip. This college town is full of great food, fantastic breweries and tours, and fun experiences to be had!

Fort Collins Highlights

With so many things to do in Fort Collins, I tried to do as many as possible! Here are some of the highlights that barely scratch the surface of all the fun things to do here. I can’t wait to go back and explore more of this beautiful city!

Beignets at Lucile’s

The first recommendation I received when I told anyone I was going up north to Fort Collins was Lucile’s and to order the beignet’s. Even though New Orleans is on my bucket list, I haven’t been yet so this was my first beignet experience and it did not disappoint! Not only was the food fresh, homemade and local, the ambiance of jazz music playing really sets the tone of this historic Louisiana inspired restaurant.

Lucile’s serves a Creole themed menu that had never been attempted in Colorado before their establishment! Within a brief period of time, Lucile’s had made its mark on Colorado with such unique meals such as Cajun Breakfast and freshly made beignet’s. Today they have opened 6 locations all over Colorado and can’t wait to continue to grow into other states. In addition to their fantastic Louisiana inspired cuisine, they have developed their own Creole seasonings, homemade jams, and a private blend of Lucile’s Coffee.

Shop, Sip & Explore Jessup Farm Artisan Village

I’ve explored Old Town Fort Collins before so this time I was looking for somewhere else to walk around and do some shopping. I stumbled upon Jessup Farm Artisan Village on the hunt for a good mocha! I’ve broken down each place I visited within Jessup Farm, but I couldn’t see it all so I encourage you to check this artisan village out for yourself! I can’t wait to go back and explore more of this farm.

Bindle Coffee

My first stop in Jessup Farm was for coffee at Bindle Coffee. I decided on the mocha, but they have several different coffee and tea options. They are nestled within Jessup Farm in a small white house looking building with a line out the door because their coffee is that good. Don’t let the line deter you from giving them a try, their coffee is purchased through a Direct Trade Relationship and sourced ethically. The ambiance inside is restorative and comforting. It is handmade. Bring a book inside and enjoy the hustle and bustle of this lively coffee shop, sit & savor!


If you love shopping from local artists, Knapsack is for you! Knapsack is a home and gift shop nestled in Jessup Farm. They feature a collection of housewares, stationery, apothecary items, candles and more! Their items are timeless, beautiful + chic. The best part is that these items are from local artists! As a local creator myself, I love when shops incorporate artists into their stores. Make sure you add this shop to your list of must-visits next time you’re in Fort Collins!


In need of a few new fun fall wardrobe staples? Heyday is for you! They have the cutest new fall trends in fashion along with the most perfect graphic tees that caught my eye. My go-to outfit is a graphic tee and ripped jeans so finding a graphic tee here that said “hike more”, I knew I had to have it! The staff is super friendly and their store is insta-worthy in it’s ambiance and feel. Head in and try on some of those graphic tees!

Grab a Doughnut at The Doughnut Club

I love the show Shark Tank because as a creator + maker I love to see the creativity that everyone brings onto the show. I saw Marquez and Ondrea on Shark Tank and when they said they were from Fort Collins I was shocked! Long story short, but the Sharks loved their idea of creating doughnuts that are protein packed and low in macros! So, they came home and opened a store front, The Doughnut Club, in Fort Collins. Before Shark Tank they only shipped, they didn’t have a store front.

Their flavor combinations and menu is so creative and fun. They have bacon doughnuts, s’mores doughnuts, gold flaked doughnuts and so much more! They run out of their popular flavors daily, so I would recommend getting their as early as you can. Make sure you swing by The Doughnut Club next time you’re in Ft. Collins and give their fun doughnuts a try!

Brewery Tour at Odell Brewing Company

If you’re a beer lover, Ft. Collins is the place for you. There are so many big name breweries that call Ft. Collins home and the best part is that most of the brewery tours here are free! Last time we were in Ft. Collins we did the New Belgium Brewing tour and it was one of the best brewery tour we had ever been on. They give you over 4 samples of beer and you get to tour their entire property. This time we were in Ft. Collins, we decided to book a tour at Odell Brewing Co. which was the first brewery to open in Ft. Collins.

Even if you don’t love beer, brewery tours are fun because you learn about the history and the story of these big name beers. As an entrepreneur, I find these stories inspiring. Our tour guide was incredibly knowledgeable about Odell as they are an employee owned company, you can tell she takes pride in being a part owner in such a great organization. They also can’t accept tips, so any tip they get is collected and each month Odell donates all those tips to a local charity!

In addition to their brewery tours, they also have a great tap room and outdoor patio. If you have a dog, leash them up and head to Odell. You can sip a few beers, enjoy being outside, and your pup will love to hangout on their beautiful patio.

Putt around at Old Town Putt

I love any bar that turns fun drinks into an experience. Old Town Putt, does just that. While they are known for their frozen margarita machines, they also have an indoor mini put put course and ping pong tables outside. Old Town Putt is inside Old Town’s Exchange which is an outdoor food haul. There is grass for dogs and kids to play, and about 4 restaurants, an ice cream shop, a doughnut shop and a coffee shop. The Exchange is definitely on my list to explore more as we only got to Old Town Putt. Grab a frozen drink and have some fun putting or playing ping pong!

That’s a wrap on fun things to do in Fort Collins, if you’re only there for a day! Happy exploring!


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