Meet Luna


Meet Luna!

I am so excited to finally share the news, we rescued a puppy! And by puppy I mean a 2 year old German shepherd husky mix. She is the most adorable dog ever and super smart. She is adjusting really well to her new home with Phil and I and we can’t wait to love on her forever!

We are still learning so much about her but so far we know that she loves stuffies, I think it’s because they are soft and it comforts her. She has really bad separation anxiety after being bounced around shelters and foster homes over the course of her short life. We are trying to teach her that mom and dad will always come back!  She also loves cheese, it’s her favorite treat! We are mixing small amounts of cheese into her food to help with the transition into her new home. She loves going on walks and hikes, and today is her first day of doggie daycare, we hope she likes that too because she loves being social!

She can’t wait to go camping, hiking and running with us!

Follow along with her and her mountain adventures on Instagram: @lunasmountainadventures


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