Why I’m crazy about Longmont, Colorado and you should be too!


Day Trip to Longmont, Colorado

I took a day trip up to Longmont, Colorado from Denver and it was the best day! Longmont has so many great shops, breweries and places to eat. I’ve listed my favorites and a bonus at the end are more places you need to check out next time you’re north of Denver, in Longmont! I’m crazy about Longmont, and you should be too! Make sure it’s on your list of must-sees next time you’re in Colorado.

Take a cheese making class at Briar Gate Farm with The Art of Cheese

I’m dating a cheese head, so you know when I saw there was a cheese making class I had to sign up! Briar Gate Farm is a beautiful farm in Longmont that has goats, a llama, chickens and even a few cats. The farmer uses goat milk from her own goats to make her cheeses and soaps. I got a little tour of the farm and the goats were my favorite, they came right up to me and were so photogenic! I got to pet them and one even got a little nibble of my sweater. After the tour of the farm, we went inside to the farmers cheese studio.

We started out with a little history on cheese making paired with a cheese tasting of local Colorado cheeses. I love trying new and local Colorado items so it was fun to learn about the different creameries around our great state. We learned how to make chevre cheese which is a goat milk cheese that is super tasty. It was so interesting to see the different elements that go into cheese besides just goat milk and bacteria. It is an extensive process but there is something so unique about the different flavors and options you have to flavor your cheese, it is truly endless. After we made the chevre cheese, we formed it into a log and rolled it in a delicious herb and spice blend. It was out of this world delicious.

This is one of those experiences that is so unique and I can’t recommend it enough. We eat cheese almost everyday but never knew how much went into actually making it. In addition to cheese making classes, Briar Gate Farms also offers holiday gift making classes that includes cheeses. I am definitely signing up for one of these holiday classes because I think it is a great and unique host gift for all those holiday parties that are quickly approaching! You can see all of her class offerings here! Sign up for one and let me know which one you pick, there are some great options!

Get lunch & explore Cheese Importers

Are you sensing a theme here? I love cheese! Cheese Importers is a must-visit for any cheese lover. Not only is the food delicious, but the cheese cooler with over 2,000 varieties of cheeses is truly the highlight.

Cheese Importers is perfectly french themed, from the decor to the decadent desserts that they display as you enter. I tried the bistro sandwich and french onion soup. It was a chilly morning so the soup was needed! After lunch, the macaroons were calling my name. Macaroons are my favorite dessert and I tried a raspberry macaroon here that tasted like it was straight from Paris. I walked around the two-story building exploring all the little trinkets while I enjoyed my  macaroon.

Before I headed to my brewery tour at Left Hand, I went into the infamous cheese cooler at Cheese Importers. With over 2,000 cheeses stacked high around the room, there are so many cheeses to look at and taste. They have tasting trays all over the room, so nibble on some unique cheese as you look at cheese after cheese perfectly cooled and ready for you to take home!

Go on the brewery tour at Left Hand Brewing Company

I love a F R E E brewery tour, and they are a lot more common here in Colorado. I booked a tour at Left Hand Brewing Company which is one of the more popular breweries in Colorado. They distribute across the U.S. and into Europe. Before the tour, I tried their Flamingo Dreams Nitro brew and it was so good. I am not a huge beer drinker so I always try to find the sweeter and fruitier beers to try and Flamingo Dreams was just that. It was fruity, crisp and really refreshing, the perfect beer for a summer patio happy hour. It was also my first time trying a Nitro Brew and on the tour they showed us how differently the Nitro beers are made.

The tour of Left Hand Brewing was really informative and our tour guide was very knowledgeable about the brewery. He showed us around their entire facility in Longmont and we even got to see can production happening! If you’re looking for a great brewery tour, make sure you check out Left Hand and try one of their fun beers before your tour.

If you’re like me and want to find a good deal, you need to checkout the Free Craft Beverage Pass. Longmont breweries, distilleries, and cideries offer some great deals on the Crazy Good Craft passport. There are over 15 offers in the passport, such as free tastings, BOGO pints, and even BOGO cocktails. Here’s how it works: sign-up for your Craft Passport here. Your Craft Pass will be delivered via text and email, no app necessary! Present the offers on your phone to obtain the code and redeem your discounts, easy!

Walk around & explore downtown Longmont


image credit: Downtown Longmont 

Take a stroll down Longmont’s Main street and get your shopping on! There are some great local shops and boutiques in downtown Longmont that are fun to explore. My favorite find was the local bookstore, Barbed Wire Books. I haven’t been inside a bookstore in awhile so it was so fun to look up and down the isles at all the books.

In addition to bookstores, downtown Longmont has a Certified Creative District with a ton of fun murals, great boutiques for all your fall wardrobe needs and a ton of history. If you’re feeling artsy, get creative at Crackpots! You can design your own pottery and glass.

Now do you see why I’m crazy about Longmont?! The hidden gems are endless here! There is so much to do and see that I couldn’t include it all in my blog post. See below for bonus locations that you should add to your list next time you’re in Longmont. Happy exploring!

Bonus: Here are a few other places in Longmont that I recommend

  • Longmont Farmers Market– Running from April through November, this market features the longest farmers market season in the state and it is huge. There are tons and tons of booths of local farmers, food trucks, artists and my favorite, kambocha. Note, that they do not allow dogs.
  • Collision Brewery– This is a newer brewery that has some really unique brews. I tried one called blinker fluid that was a greenish color and made from butterfly tea. They have a great food menu as well!
  • Wonder Tours – I love supporting female entrepreneurs and Wonder Tours is owned by a woman who recently was able to leave her full-time job to keep up with the demand of her creation, Wonder Tours. If you’re in a restaurant rut, you need to check Wonder Tours out. They take you on a tour to try three different restaurants. Small bites and drinks at each stop and wonderfully organized.
  • The St.Vrain Venue- Getting married? Looking for a reception hall? Holiday party? This is the venue for you! It is industrial chic and beautifully decorated.
  • The Pumphouse Brewery– A great brewery with incredible food, and it’s firehouse themed!
  • Crackpots- I love art so finding a place to be creative is so fun for me. Crackpots is a pottery studio in the heart of downtown Longmont that has incredible staff and a great selection to paint.
  • Brewhop Trolley Tour- This is guided tour to Longmont’s brewery, cidery and distilleries that allows you to Hop-on + Hop-off at any of the 13 venues. It’s a fun and safe way to spend the day with friends + family, exploring and supporting the local scene on one of their vintage trolleys.
  • The Post Brewing Co. – Any Diners, Drive-ins and Dives fans out there? The Post was on the show and is known for their delicious friend chicken. A must-visit in Longmont!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Visit Longmont. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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