Colorado Fall Bucket List

It’s here! Finally! My favorite season is here! It’s no secret that I, among plenty of others, love fall. I start hoping and wishing for fall around August (no shame) and I’m so excited it’s finally here. If you live in Denver, you know it has already snowed here and fall can last like 2 weeks so we have to soak it all in while we can.

With the change of the seasons, I have taken in all the fall activities I possibly can! I’m sharing my favorite fall things to do below so grab your boyfriend, friends, family, pup or whoever you want and get out there and do all the fun fall things!

Fall Bucket List

Sip a pumpkin cold brew

Did you think I was going to say PSL? Think again! I’m not a huge fan of PSL but I love the new Pumpkin Cold Brew drink from Starbucks. Pro tip: ask for extra cream on top!

Visit an apple orchard and get fresh apple cider donuts- my favorite!

I love picking fresh apples and wondering around the orchard with an apple cider donut. There are a few great apple orchards around Colorado, I recommend Ya Ya Farm & Orchard. 

Pick your own pumpkin at your local pumpkin patch

Just don’t bring your pup, pumpkins have thorns that can get stuck in their paws!

Go to a haunted house or haunted corn maze

There are some top rated ones around Denver, might I recommend 13th floor Haunted House!

Drink any and all Oktoberfest Beer

With all the amazing breweries in Colorado, grab your pup and hit a brewery patio!

Attend all the Oktoberfest’s

I went to Denver’s Oktoberfest this year and it was so fun!

Hike and discover the changing of the leaves

Leaf peeping is the best!

Watch Hocus Pocus– over and over again if you’re like me

My all time favorite movie, I’ll watch this movie any time of the year.

Drink hot cider or make your own!

I found the best apple cider in LaCrosse Wisconsin visiting my sister at college, I can’t wait to make it!

Make homemade chili and host a Sunday Funday football party

Go bears!

Carve pumpkins while drinking pumpkin beer

Get creative! My favorite is always to carve a Disney or Harry Potter Pumpkin.

Take a day trip to a neighboring town

Get out and explore in the fall, don’t be afraid of the cold or wind. Put on your gloves and hat and walk around a downtown or grab your pup and take a hike!


Did I miss anything? Comment below if there’s something I should add! Cheers to all things fall!


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