Gift Guide for the Travel Lover in your Life

Looking for some great gift ideas for the travel lover in your life? Or maybe you’re the travel lover and not sure what to put on your list this year? I’m sharing my favorite travel items that I use and I know the traveler in your life will love them too! An audible subscription is my number one recommendation, it’s on my wish list this year. It’s great to listen to books on long commutes, road trips and hikes!

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2019 Gift Guide for Travelers

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  1. An Audible subscription is high on my wish list this year! I love listening to it during my commute to work or long hikes!
  2. I love fun graphic tee’s and I love hiking, so a hiking tee is the perfect gift for those hikers in your life.
  3. These are the hiking boots I have and get a ton of messages about. I love them and the red color.
  4. My absolute favorite hat for camping and hiking!
  5. Have you heard about packing cubes?! They keep my suitcase so organized on every trip I take. I love how easy it is to find everything in these!
  6. I love tripods with self-timers for photo taking! If you don’t have anyone to take photos of you or you want a group shot, this is the tripod I use and love.
  7. This hat is on my list this year! I love it for the airport.
  8. This compass necklace is beautiful stamped gold and on my list this year!
  9. I love luggage tags, there is nothing worse than not being able to distinguish your bag at baggage claim. These luggage tags are cute and unique.
  10. My favorite travel backpack! Fits perfectly under the seat in front or you or in the car for a road trip.
  11. The best travel mug, keeps your coffee extra hot.


Happy Shopping!

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