Winter day trip to Olde Town Arvada, CO


I love finding and exploring hidden gems outside of Denver that make for the perfect day trip. Arvada’s Olde Town was just that! There were plenty of shops to explore, coffee shops to get cozy in and even a cereal bar where you can mix and match your own cereal creation. There is definitely a small town feel in Olde Town accompanied by busy sidewalks and friendly faces. If you’re looking for a great winter day trip, Olde Town Arvada is it, keep reading to see all the places I recommend there!

Get creative at The Cereal Box, Inc.


The Cereal Box, Inc. is my favorite spot in Olde Town Arvada. If you are a cereal lover like me, run to The Cereal Box right away! With more than 120 cereals from around the world, a variety of different toppings, gallons of fun milk and shelves of collectible vinyl toys, it’s a place where you can build your dream bowl of cereal any time of day! I recommend Unicorn poop, it has Lucky Charms, Trix, Froot Loops, rainbow marshmallows, whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles and strawberry milk! Of course you can always make your own bowl and add whatever you want.

Not only is this cereal bar a dream come true for any cereal lover, but the scenery is colorful and fun. The best part? They play old school cartoons, like the ones we all use to watch Saturday mornings while eating our sugary cereal.

Taste German delicacies at Rheinlander Bakery

Even if you’re full after your bowl of cereal, you have to go into Rheinlander Bakery. I always recommend the streusel cinnamon roll! However, they’re most known for their variety or torte cakes which they offer free samples of. Taste the goodness and don’t forget to order your next cake from them, they are that good.

The bakery is family owned and they have been baking here for over 50 years! You can feel the warmth and friendliness right when you walk in the door. They have great chocolate dipped pretzels and scones as well. If you are looking for gluten free options, they have an incredible selection. Grab something and take it home with you for later!

Shop for local and special wines at Spirits, Wine, Provisions

Spirits, Wine, Provisions has only been opened for about 4 months when a husband and wife teamed up to open it. They have a great wine selection and holiday wines that are perfect to bring to all your holiday parties.

They also host gatherings and their space is amazing and very photo worthy. A great space to get together and taste good wines, whiskeys, and local craft beers. They also do tasting events every week that are totally free! I am adding Spirits, Wine, Provisions to our date night list, I’m thinking a tasting here and then dinner at So Radish!

Get all of your camping & hiking gear at Army Navy Surplus

Don’t let the name of Amy Navy Surplus deter you from going inside. They have the best selection of camping and hiking gear around, and of course they’re local. Rows and rows filled with thermal sleeping bags, camping meals, hats and even clothing! I found my new hiking boots here on sale and they were incredibly helpful in sizing me and helping me find the right boot for the kind of camping and hiking we love to do.

If you love putting stickers on your waterbottle or laptop, they have a great selection here. The best part? They’re dog friendly!

Shop for fun and unique socks at Sock.

There is an entire store dedicated to fun and hilarious socks in Olde Town called Sock. We spent so much time wandering the rows and rows of socks because I found socks with pugs on them so of course I was then on the hunt for socks with German Shepherds on them! If you’re looking for a gift for your dad, look into Sock. They have hilarious dad socks here that any dad would get a kick out of!

Cure your sweet tooth at Scrumptious

I love old school candy shops and Scrumptious also makes homemade ice cream! I spent so much time in here just looking at the rows and rows of old school candy that you don’t see in grocery stores anymore. It’s colorful and the art hanging on the walls is incredible.

There’s a great patio outside for you and your pup to enjoy some ice cream or candy and a little break in the warmer months. I also found an entire Harry Potter candy section filled with chocolate wands and jelly slugs. They have a great selection of candy from movies and TV shows that was fun to look at.

Take your photo by the Olde Town mural


One of the most popular questions I receive is how do I take my photos and where do I find murals. I do a lot of research before I travel and explore a new city and I share that research here with you so you don’t have to! Murals are so fun to take photos in front of and you’ll never forget where you took that picture at. I also love supporting local artisits that often paint the murals.

The Olde Town mural is directly across the street from Scrumptious on the orange wall, you can’t miss it! Also, Phil is my photographer!

Olde Town Arvada is a great reminder that you don’t have to hop on a plane or take time off to get out and explore new places. Explore the town next to you and you will find how rewarding day trips can be! Happy exploring!

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